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Do you like exploring different places, getting to know other cultures and making new friends? Do you want to gain education with world wide recognition? Do you need a change of life style? Prepare yourselft to study in Australia!

WSIA is an international organisation of young people who help other students interested in college in Australia. As we are paid directly from the educational institutions, we dont charge you any addittional fees. Therefore you cannot loose with WSIA.

With us you will get for free access to actual information, great advice, assistance with organizing accommodation for you, airport pickup... We are ready to do everything to fullfill your needs.

College in Australia

We are here to help you to find the best australian college, you to gain education on wanted level. Australia has long tradition in international studies, so there is plenty of colleges to choose from. Whether you want to study business, IT, hospitality, ..., aeronautical engineering - Australia has a lot to offer. Just contact us and let us assist you. [ more about ]

Australian Education

You can get higher education at Australian colleges, TAFE institutes and Universities. Between colleges you can find cheaper alterantives as well - at about 2000 AUD / 6 months. Australia Education from this cheaper colleges is not at such high level, however is good entry to Australian colleges. Study iat TAFE means for you higher quality, but of course at higher rates. Somewhere at arround 6000 AUD / 6 months. University education does not need too many comments, however be ready pay even more than for TAFE studies.

Our system is on high level, ready to fullfil needs of different groups of clients.

WSIA will introduce you to the world of students and study in Australia also via trips, excursions, sport activities etc. You will become a welcome member of the international community of students in Australia.

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Private Schools

If you are interested in theese types of schools you need to be carefull while choosing the right course. They are not small Universities which we are speaking of. This kind of Australia education is throughput between college (socondary school) and university. The quality of education is various. The Certificates and Diplomas of theese Schools are not so valued while applying for job. The most required is finished University degree such as Bachelor, Master of Science or Master`s Degree.

University Studies

The Australian Universities have become very favourite target for students from all over the World and you do not have to expect only Australian students in the classes except for special Sydney Institutes of Australian Universities for education of  students from overseas mostly from Asia.

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