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Finding a private English teacher: what to do?

English is an Indo-European-Germanic language originating from England. Nowadays, more than a billion people around the world use this language as a mother tongue or alternative language. It is among the top three most spoken languages in the world today….

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Cheap and fun ways to learn a foreign language on a daily basis

From now on, learning a foreign language while having fun is possible. Cheap and fun ways are available everywhere to learn many things including foreign languages. There are many methods and they are better one than the other, but you…

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The best way to learn English: total concentration?

No matter what motivates you to learn a foreign language, you must have a good dose of motivation. To achieve a certain level of proficiency, you must always be persistent no matter how difficult it is. English is an official…

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What are smartphone applications help you learn English?

Smartphone applications for learning English are widely known today. They offer the possibility for everyone to study the English language while staying at home. Thanks to these different educational applications, learning a language is no longer a headache. That said,…

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