Everyday life in Australia: what to expect?

Australia is a very attractive country. This country offers several advantages to spend some holidays. Before you can leave, it is important to know the cost of living in Australia, since it is a country very known to be quite expensive. You need to have the necessary funds to be able to enjoy the good things in this country. To help you to know what you should expect during your stay, whether it is for accommodation, transport or other, here is a small guide.

Expenses for the first few days

The expenses of the first days in a new country can be very high. You have to take into account transportation from the airport to the accommodation, the price of accommodation, transportation to be used during the next few days, shopping. In short, you have to think about all the little details and all this has a price. Indeed, the cost of living in Australia is a bit expensive but this price also depends on the tourist places where the holidaymakers want to venture. However, if you prepare yourself well in terms of budget, it is easier to adapt and not be surprised by the prices on the bill. When it comes to means of transportation, it is important to choose transportation that does not cost too much. There are also places where accommodation is affordable. It is possible to opt for accommodation in a youth hostel instead of a hotel, for example. For food, it is better to cook than to buy ready-made meals and in hostels. There are a variety of foodstuffs that are useful in everyday life. When renting an apartment, the deposit will obviously vary depending on the type of accommodation. However, it is important to be well informed about the terms and conditions of renting in this country. In any case, the Australian government recommends that you plan to bring at least $5,000 upon your arrival.

Salaries in Australia

To keep pace with the cost of living in Australia, salaries are generally paid weekly or at the latest every two weeks. However, those who receive large salaries are paid monthly. There is a minimum wage that may be set according to the occupation or sector in which you will be working. The vast majority of occupations in Australia are based on company or collective agreements. Wages will also depend on the person's qualifications. Qualifications allow employees to be classified in several levels of the collective agreement, but for newcomers to the country, the salary will be that of level 1 or 2 of the collective agreement. Age is also an important parameter. Indeed, if you are not yet of legal age, you may be paid at a "junior" salary which will be lower than for those over 21, of course. However, in some cases, all employees in the same position receive the same salary, regardless of their age. Often, overtime work is better paid than the hours you usually work. But your salary will also depend on your employment contract.

Expenses for transportation

In order to be able to keep up with and adapt to the cost of living in Australia, you need to be able to find the means of transportation that suits your budget. It is possible to buy a vehicle if the person has the possibility. It should be noted that the amount to pay can vary depending on the place and period of purchase as well as the model of the vehicle to be purchased. In addition to the purchase, it is also necessary to budget for the maintenance of the car and for possible repairs. Don't forget to take out car insurance. This is mandatory in this country. Plan a budget equivalent to your stay and also be aware that the price of fuel varies according to each city. If you don't want to buy, renting is also an option. For a week's rental, you'll need to budget at least $200 to $250 for a small car. If, on the other hand, you don't want to spend too much, there is the bus or train. However, whatever your choice of transportation, be sure to inform yourself since fares often vary from city to city. Expenses for accommodation The cost of living in Australia regarding housing is relatively expensive. Rents are often paid on a weekly basis and you need to be prepared to keep up. The budget you have to pay will not be the same according to the length of your stay as well as the city where you want to stay. Again, there are many options? You can choose to rent but be aware that the price will vary according to the type of accommodation and the location. You can also opt for shared accommodation to avoid paying too much for accommodation that can accommodate more than one person. Finally, those who come specially to discover the country on a road trip can choose to travel with a camper van. This option is cheaper than a regular room rental.
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