How to choose a university in Australia?

Published on : 04 May 20205 min reading time

Choosing a French-speaking university in Australia is not an easy task. It is not always easy to find your way between the different Australian institutions listed in a brochure or on the Internet. However, the choice is crucial and must be made before leaving the French territory. Discover some precise ideas about what to expect in Australia and about prestigious university faculties.

Why study in Australia?

The majority of students plan to continue their studies in this country after obtaining the baccalaureate. The country is indeed a privileged destination for those who plan to continue their academic career there. You can find a French-speaking university in Australia. The country is home to several internationally renowned institutions. It is possible to start your first years of university there and finish the rest of your course in France or vice versa. The student visa allows you to spend all your years of studies in Australia while working during your free time. If the country inspires you, you can work there full-time during the holidays or settle there for good after graduation. With a favourable climate throughout the year, Australia attracts a large number of students. In their free time, they can explore the beautiful white sandy beaches, surf on the east coast, venture into the jungle or ski in the mountains of the southeast. It is very easy to make friends in Australia. Australians are particularly warm and open-minded. Do you want to improve your level of English? Studying in Australia is the best way to learn this language and understand the Australian slang.

Which Australian university to choose?

Finding a French-speaking university in Australia that can meet your needs is far from being complicated since most of the institutions have as partners some French schools. The University of Melbourne is located in the Parkville area. It is one of the oldest major teaching centres having produced a significant number of researchers in Australia. The institution offers 6 degree programs. The specialization and professionalization of teaching is at the Master’s level. The University of Melbourne’s French partner schools are Sciences Po, HEC and the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse. Also in Melbourne, Monash University awaits you with its 10 faculties, including computer science, engineering, medicine, architecture and science. Among the French partner schools, there is the Jean Moulin University in Lyon. Adelaide University is just as impressive. This Australian institution is renowned for its high standards in research, its innovative culture and its modern facilities. The University of Poitiers and the François Rabelais University in Tours are among its French partners. The University of Western Australia is also an option not to be ruled out. With the ambition to create the next generation of world leaders, UWA offers you an education rich in experience. Its French partner schools are the University Charles de Gaulle Lille III, the University of Montpellier 2 (CNRS) and ESSEC. The University of Queensland in Brisbane also attracts many students. This research and teaching institution offers a range of high-level training courses to students, including engineering, business, environmental sciences, computer science, medicine, architecture and communication. The universities recommended in this article are all members of the Group of Eight (Go8). This group brings together the best faculties in Australia, so their selection as elite universities requires excellent preparation and special involvement on your part.

Criteria for choosing an Australian university

Budget is an important criterion if you want to find a French-speaking university in Australia. You will have to find a good compromise between tuition fees, accommodation and your personal needs. Geographic location is also an essential criterion. You are going to Australia for a long time, you might as well be comfortable with your temporary “home sweet home”. Unless you have transportation, consider studying on a campus close to your accommodation. The surroundings of the institution should also make you want to go there, such as the presence of a lake, park or river. The ideal university is one that allows you to obtain an internationally recognized degree. In Australia, you can easily apply for a master’s degree if you already have a bachelor’s degree and vice versa. The country is also appreciated for its flexibility when it comes to university studies.

How do I find the right university for me in Australia?

There are different ways to find a French-speaking university in Australia. In order to get the best information, think about surfing the web. Internet is full of information about foreign institutions. Just go to the institution’s website. You will see the history of the institution, its photos, details of its achievements and information related to the school curriculum. You can also find interesting information about Australian universities in the discussion forums. If you want to save time in your research, it is also a good idea to go through an agency. An advisor will be able to tell you which faculties are suitable for your projects. Also, don’t hesitate to attend information days such as fairs held in certain places. Representatives from Australian institutions may attend these events in order to promote their teaching.

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