Finding accommodation for a student in Australia is not as difficult as in other countries. Once enrolled at the university, it is possible to apply to rent a university room. In fact, most international students use this type of accommodation. However, in order to obtain accommodation at the university, it is preferable to apply as soon as possible. In Australia, there are other ways to obtain accommodation as a student. The choice remains variable, you just have to choose a house according to the respective needs of each one.

University housing in Australia

For a foreign student, it is preferable to opt for university rooms. To do so, the student must send an application to the office responsible for the university hall of residence in order to obtain student accommodation. Thanks to this type of accommodation, the student has no risk of getting lost. In fact, the university rooms are located close to the campuses or even within the university grounds. The only problem is that many national students have already reserved places in university housing. This means that the chance for students from abroad to find a free university room is very small. In Australia, university accommodation is called the "Hall of residence" or "on campus hostel". This type of accommodation has one room for each student, a shared kitchen and shared showers. This type of student accommodation in Australia makes it easier for foreigners to get to know each other quickly. The reason for this is that international and foreign students can rent a room in the "Hall of Residence". They will have the same right and use the same infrastructure. One of the biggest advantages of this type of rental is the opportunity to live in a healthy environment in very good condition.

Why opt for private accommodation?

If the student wants to live alone, private accommodation would be an excellent choice. Therefore, in order to find a private accommodation in Australia, it is strongly recommended to use a real estate agency specialized in real estate. However, in order to avoid the extra costs of a professional agency, it is sufficient to consult the Australian rental advertisement sites. One of the big advantages with private accommodation is that the student will be more independent and will have more freedom compared to other types of accommodation. That is why many international students use this type of accommodation. In addition, private accommodation offers the possibility of moving close to or further away from the university. The only disadvantage of private rental housing is that it can be more expensive, especially if the choice is towards a large city. It should be noted that private accommodation requires a deposit when signing a contract with the landlord of the accommodation. In other circumstances, the deposit may be the same as the rent.

Youth hostels or shared accommodation

In the event that private rental requires a large budget, two options are available to the student: youth hostels and shared accommodation. The latter is the most accessible for any international or foreign student. Youth hostels are more common in Australia than in other foreign countries. If the student has not yet found accommodation for his stay in this country, youth hostels are the best solution. Dormitories in this type of student accommodation in Australia usually have more than 3 beds. Assuming that the student wishes to have more privacy, he or she can request a single room with a higher cost. In shared accommodation the student hardly needs to fill in any paperwork as in other types of accommodation. There are countless offers for shared accommodation in Australia on specialized websites such as Flatmate.

Homestay in Australia: an interesting alternative

The Australian people are very welcoming. The student can choose to stay with a local person in Australia. To do so, he or she should look for Australian families that are close to his or her university. They will be very welcoming and will even consider the shared student as one of their own. For a foreigner, it is quite reasonable to be with a welcoming family in order to integrate easily into Australian society. Moreover, the host family provides the student with a room which will naturally be furnished. And a small peculiarity in this country, is that the rent is paid every week. The biggest advantage of choosing this type of student accommodation in Australia is that meals are usually included in the rent. In short, the choice of student accommodation in Australia depends entirely on your budget but also on your preference.